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Topp of B.Angtan
Answer to g-fagon ; 9-15-25-36-42

9 : My bias for sure !! No okay, its a joke, do not kill me :((
I don’t really know what I feel for him but I think it’s not love. Or maybe yes… seriously I do not know OIL

15 : humm… I’m eating a cheese with my spoon, everyday everyday. (Don’t know if you know, it’s the “Philadelphia” one)

25 : Yes ;^; his friends didn’t like me so he was a bit distant with me. I knew a time after our friendship that he loved me but because of his friends he didn’t say it. I really loved him. With all the love I could and I understood we cannot be together… its horrible @-@/

36 : When I’m tired, I’m on my phone for 30 minutes, I eat within 10 minutes and I get ready 20 minutes later. So 1h. But sometimes I slept well so I’m ready within 20 minutes. And because i take my bus like 40 minutes later, I wait. ‘^’

42 : beeeeeeef and potatoes *^*


Please pray for South Korea, after the tragic Ferry sinking, almost 300 people are missing. Keep them in your hearts and prayers. ♡


arirang radio host: *translating everything topp dogg says from korean to english*

36 minutes later……….

kidoh: *in perfect english* i lived in australia for 3 years.


kidoh: ……………*still in english* sorry.

Bother My Askbox?
1: What color are your socks?
2: Have you ever lied about your age? Why?
3: What is something you regret in the past month?
4: Do you believe in love at first sight?
5: When was the last time you wrote someone a letter on paper?
6: How old were you when you first learned how to ride a bike? Who taught you?
7: Do you get along with your parents? Why or why not?
8: What’s your favorite season?
9: Do you currently like someone?
10: Have you ever used an Ouija board?
11: What’s the last song you sang?
12: What’s your favorite scent?
13: What’s your favorite urban legend?
14: What’s a bad habit that you have?
15: What’s a strange habit that you have?
16: What’s the first instrument that you learned to play?
17: How would you describe your ‘type?’
18: Would you rather stay in or go out?
19: What was the last thing you said to your mom?
20: Do you want to get married someday?
21: Have you ever snuck out?
22: Can you sing well?
23: What’s an embarrassing thing that happened this week?
24: When was the last time you went sledding?
25: Have you ever/do you liked someone you know you can never be with?
26: Do people often mispronounce your name?
27: Would you like to live in another country?
28: Do you like to watch ghost-hunting shows?
29: Who was the last person you said you loved to?
30: What’s something you’d like to be better at?
31: Have you ever stayed up to talk to someone who was sad?
32: What was the last thing you cooked?
33: Do you think you would make a good parent?
34: Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
35: Where is your best friend right now?
36: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
37: How late do you usually stay up at night?
38: When was the last time you cried and why?
39: Have you ever won a contest?
40: Can you draw well?
41: Would you ever date someone you met on Tumblr/the internet?
42: What was the last thing you ate?
43: Do you think you’re/you’d make a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
44: Have you ever had a near-death experience?
45: What do you think people think of you?
46: What is your middle name and do you like it?
47: Are you close with either of your parents?
48: Do you like yourself?
49: State five facts about your appearance –
50: State five facts about your personality –
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3 are on the way and 3 are missing OTL

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